On behalf of St Andrew’s Church we would like to assure you of our love, support and prayers following your recent bereavement.  This article is intended to guide and help you as you make the most important decision regarding the final resting place of your loved one. We hope that it will give answers to questions that you may not have thought of and therefore avoid unnecessary distress to you and your family.


BURIALS (including the burial of ashes)

If your loved one lived in the Parish and you wish for them to be buried in the churchyard, this can be arranged.  All parishioners have a right in las to be buried in their local churchyard if room permits.  If the person lived outside the parish but regularly worshipped with us and their name is on the Church Electoral Roll; they have the same burial rights as residents of the parish. Unfortunately we cannot permit others who did not live within the Parish boundaries to be buried in the churchyard unless the burial is to be in an existing grave. New graves will always be dug next in line.



There is no automatic right in English law to erect memorials.  A churchyard is very different from a local authority cemetery, and the rights of individual parishioners are limited and must be compatible with the Christian religion.  Permission has to be sought from the Chancellor of the Diocese of Oxford before anything permanent is placed on a grave.  For a full description of the memorial guidelines, please see the memorials booklet in the church.



Statutory fees are payable for:

  • A funeral service
  • A burial (including the burial of ashes)
  • The placing of a memorial
  • Register searches
  • Register enteries

These fees are not fixed by the parish, but are approved under the authority of Parliament by the Parochial Fees Order