St Andrew’s Church Hall FAQ

St Andrew’s Church Hall FAQ

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For over 1400 years, there has been a church at Sonning serving the parish and surrounding areas. Sonning Church is part of our community history and heritage. Throughout these times, St Andrew’s has periodically undertaken restoration or refurbishment; and on extremely rare occasions new facilities have been built.

It is with great delight that we are able to announce that St Andrew’s has been granted planning permission to build a historic brand new hall. This will enable the church to expand and host gatherings to benefit the parish community from young to old.


What will the new hall bring to the community and surrounding areas?
What other benefits will the new hall bring?
What would my donation pay for?
Can I dedicate my donation to someone?
Donating by cheque
Donating by bank transfer - preferred method
Donating online
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St Andrew’s needs to raise £500, 000 to build the new hall and landscape.  Donations up front will make a huge difference, so please do give generously.  For more details please see our brochure St Andrew’s Church New Hall Appeal